ULS Log Inspector for Fiddler

When troubleshooting SharePoint, I often use Fiddler to grab the Correlation ID. This can be found in the SPRequestGuid header in the server responses:

This then corresponds to the Correlation ID found in the ULS logs:

This is a handy way to find the ULS entries that correspond to a HTTP request. However, this requires jumping back and forth between a Fiddler window and ULS log.

The ULS Log Inspector for Fiddler is a plug-in that allows offline or live inspection of ULS logs directly from Fiddler. ULS Log Viewer can also be opened directly from Fiddler as needed. Functionality includes:

  • View ULS log entries from inside Fiddler
  • View ULS entries live or offline
  • Open filtered ULS directly in ULS Viewer from Fiddler

The plug-in can be downloaded here: https://github.com/davidwilborn/ULS-Inspector-for-Fiddler. Just copy FiddlerULSInspector.dll into your inspectors folder (e.g. C:\Program Files\Fiddler2\Inspectors). Note that Fiddler 5.0 or higher is required.

Basic operation

  • From the Inspectors tab, Click the ULS tab in the response section
  • Click the Select ULS Folder… button
  • Select either a live ULS folder, or a folder containing copies of ULS logs
  • The plug-in may need a few minutes to index existing log files. NOTE: in a live production environment, the quantity and size of ULS logs may be prohibitive. If the plug-in seems to hang here, you may need to save the Fiddler trace and subset of ULS logs to a desktop environment for review.
  • Once this is complete, the ULS Inspector window will display the entries for the correctly selected Fiddler frame
  • Clicking the ULS Viewer button will allow you to open a filtered ULS log directly in ULS Viewer. Note that ULS Viewer must already be installed on the local machine.

The latest version will always be available via this blog post. Please post any comments or suggestions below.

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